iBasement™ Sump Pump Systems

Advanced Sealed iBasement™ Sump Pump Systems

Sump Pump Liner

The Sump Pump Liner

 iBasement™ System’s GrateSump™ Sump Pump Liner, designed by Grate Products for improved water collection and sump pump durability. Used along with the FastSump™ Sump Pump, it provides unmatched protection for your basement.

Fast Sump

The Sump Pump

The FastSump™ sump pump has been built and extensively tested by Grate Products to ensure it is the most powerful and reliable sump pump available. It is a 1/3 HP pump with a highly efficient motor that uses less amps, preventing overheating and thus increasing its durability.

Fast Sump

iBasement™ FastSump Features

  • 1/3 HP SumpPump™
  • 2400 GPH
  • High Efficient Motor With Upper & Lower Ball Bearings / Runs Cooler & Last Longer
  • Vortex Impeller / Helps Prevent Clogging
  • Sealed Entry-Replaceable Power Cord / Easy To Replace In The Field, Prevents Water From Entering The Motor Housing Through A Cut Power Cord
  • Reliable Float Switch w/ Piggy-Back Switch Design / Defective Switches Can Be Diagnosed By Phone; Pump Can Be Operated Manually By Overriding The Switch. Every Pump Is Tested In Water
  • Ensures That The Pump Meets Head & Flow Requirements
  • Permanent Split Capacitor
  • Energy Efficient (Only 4amps)
  • Durable Cast Iron
  • 3 yr Warranty

The Sump Pump System is Part of the Level 1 iBasement™ System Certificate

iBasement™ Systeem Level 1

Level 1 of the iBasement™ System involves Ground Water Control.

This level includes the installation of a Closed Sump System, a GrateSump Liner, and a FastSump Pump. An empty GrateSump Liner is also included along with a GS Joiner/Orange Cap.

To ensure safety and monitor the radon levels, a Radon Test Kit (Dual Vial) is provided.

Additionally, Level 1 includes a one-year maintenance plan, ensuring the system remains in optimal working condition.