iBasement™ Drainage System

Why do Basements Leak?

leaky basement

When the soil around your home gets too wet, it pushes against your walls like an overfilled water balloon. This usually happens when your drainage system can’t handle the excess water, making the soil swell and press against your foundation. Over time, this pressure nudges water into your basement through tiny cracks or weak spots.

To keep your basement dry, consider setting up a good drainage system. This helps prevent water build-up around your foundation, reducing leak risks. Also, a robust sump pump can ensure any collected water is efficiently sent away from your home.

Exterior French Drains: the Old and Ineffective Solution

French Drains, also known as footing drains, have been the go-to solution for groundwater drainage for over a century.  Imagine them as a friendly border patrol, with a line of perforted clay or corrugated pipe installed around the outside of your basement, usually by the foundation footing. But they’re not perfect or long-lasting. Over time, they can get clogged with mud, debris and other tiny particles, making it hard for them to do their job of getting rid of water. And when these drains get clogged, they often lead to basement leaks and even flooding. Unclogging a French Drain usually involves excavating the yard, digging up the tiles amd replacing them. A messy, disruptive and often expensive process. So while they’re popular, they might not be the most practical or efficient solution out there.

Clogged drain tile

The Only Closed Interior Perimeter Drainage System in The U.S.

Open interior drainage system, commonly installed by other waterproofing companies, allow water to enter and be collected through various points, but it can pose a health risk because radon gas, moisture, and other pollutants can also seep into the basement. On the other hand, a closed system, like the iBasement System, offers more comprehensive protection. The iBasement System is a patented sealed drainage system that keeps harmful elements out while effectively managing water ingress. It provides a healthier and drier basement environment, ensuring better overall indoor air quality in your home. This innovative approach to basement waterproofing underscores the advantages of a closed system over an open one.



GrateDrain™ provides a drainage solution for general basement water problems.



GrateTrench™ is the solution for bulkhead water problems

The Grate Drain System is Part of the Level 3 iBasement System Certificate

iBasement™ System Level 3

As a part of iBasement™ Systems Level 3 , the Grate Drain was designed to offer an efficient and comprehensive solution for basement waterproofing. The GrateDrain is a specially engineered sealed sub-floor basement drainage system, effectively minimizing the entry of radon gas and ensuring a dry basement environment.

Combined with the other iBasement Systems Level 3 solutions, such as GrateSump Liners and FastSump Pumps, these systems provide a superior solution to keep your basement dry and healthy.