The iBasement™ Difference

The Difference Between a Truly Healthy & a Not-So-Healthy Basement!

Pollutants commonly found in below grade areas such as; radon gas, moisture, mold, and mildew can create unhealthy basement conditions. Poor air quality in a basement can permeate into the upper levels of your home creating an unhealthy living space through a natural occurrence called stack-effect. 
Installing an open interior drainage system on your basement increases the amount of radon gas, moisture, and other toxins that can enter your home. 

The World Health Organization published guidelines reporting that occupants of damp moldy buildings have up to a 75% greater risk of developing mild to severe respiratory symptom. According to the EPA, indoor levels of air pollutants may be 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor air pollutants. 

Sealed iBasement Drainage System vs. Unsealed Drainage Systems

The iBasement System is a patented sealed drainage system. Drainage channels and the sump pit are completely sealed, offering greater protection against poor indoor air quality and reducing the amount of pollutants that can enter the home.

Six Levels of iBasement™ System Protection

Steps towards a Healthy Basement Certificate and a Transferable Lifetime Warranty.

Every component of the iBasement System, from the drainage and sump pump systems, to the discharge lines was designed to deliver a dry basement and a healthier home. 

iBasement Level 1
iBasement™ System Level 2
iBasement™ System Level 3
iBasement™ System Level 4
iBasement™ System Level 5
iBasement™ System Level 6

The Exclusive Line of iBasement™ Systems Products – Specially Developed to Keep Your Basement Dry & Healthy Year Round