What is the iBasement™ System?

One Flooded Basement Episode is Always One Too Many

Having a flooded basement can be a major inconvenience, causing damage to walls, floors, furniture, and potentially leading to harmful mold growth. It’s not just about water damage; the health risks associated with flooded basements, including mold exposure and carbon monoxide poisoning, are significant. If not addressed immediately, these issues can escalate, exacerbating the problem and leading to more costly repairs. 

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Tranquility & Peace of Mind Whether You Are At Home or Away

The iBasement™ System is a comprehensive solution designed to combat and prevent the challenges posed by basement water intrusion and flooding. This advanced basement protection system offers patented solutions for common water and moisture problems. Notably, it features a unique fully closed interior drainage system that prevents pollutants like radon from seeping into your basement, ensuring a healthier home environment. With high-capacity, energy-efficient dehumidifiers, it also tackles humidity and mold. Additionally, iBasement™ System includes robust sump pump systems and annual service packages for ongoing maintenance, providing homeowners with peace of mind knowing their basements are protected.

iBasement for Vacant Properties

Rental Properties

In rental properties, the iBasement™ System serves as a valuable investment. It not only enhances the property’s value but also attracts potential tenants looking for a healthier and safer living environment. The system’s advanced waterproofing and humidity control measures can prevent common issues like mold growth and water damage, ensuring the basement space is usable and appealing. This can potentially allow landlords to increase rent or even convert the basement into an additional rental unit. Plus, the annual maintenance packages ensure the system’s longevity, minimizing landlord responsibilities and costs associated with basement upkeep.

Vacation Homes

When it comes to vacation homes, which often remain unoccupied for extended periods, the iBasement™ System is particularly beneficial. During these times of vacancy, homes are susceptible to unchecked moisture build-up and potential water damage, which can lead to costly repairs. The iBasement™ System’s high-capacity, energy-efficient dehumidifiers and sump pump systems work together to maintain optimal moisture levels and prevent water intrusion, protecting the home in the owner’s absence. Furthermore, the system’s annual service packages provide ongoing support and maintenance, giving homeowners peace of mind knowing their vacation home is well-protected, even when they’re away.

Frequently Asked Questions About the iBasement System

What is the iBasement™ System?

The iBasement™ System is a comprehensive basement protection strategy. It offers solutions for ground water control, humidity and mold protection, and includes sump pump systems and a unique sump pump controller.

How does the iBasement™ System work?

The iBasement™ System provides six levels of protection, including patented drainage solutions, sump pump systems, reliable basement dehumidifiers, and the iBasement™ Sump Pump Controller. It’s designed to keep your basement dry and your home healthy.

Can the iBasement™ System help with radon and other pollutants?

Yes, the iBasement™ System is the only fully closed interior drainage system, which helps prevent radon and other pollutants from seeping into your basement, promoting a healthier living environment.

Does the iBasement™ System come with a warranty?

Yes, the iBasement™ Systems Level Certificates that come with our products carry a Nationally-Backed Transferable Lifetime Warranty.

What if my basement is waterproofed but still experience basement flooding?

If you have a sump pump and drainage system in place but still experience flooding, it might be time to consider a more comprehensive solution like the iBasement™ System. This system offers dual sump pump systems and a revolutionary sump pump controller for better protection.

How does a dehumidifier help in basement waterproofing?

A dehumidifier can help control the humidity levels in your basement, preventing the growth of mold and mildew. The iBasement™ System includes energy-efficient basement dehumidifiers as part of its comprehensive solution.

Do I need annual service and maintenance for my iBasement System?

While the iBasement™ System is designed for reliability, it’s recommended that you opt for annual service and maintenance packages to ensure your system is working optimally when you need it the most.

Six Levels of iBasement™ System Protection

Steps towards a Healthy Basement Certificate and a Transferable Lifetime Warranty.

Every component of the iBasement System, from the drainage and sump pump systems, to the discharge lines was designed to deliver a dry basement and a healthier home. 

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iBasement™ System Level 2
iBasement™ System Level 3
iBasement™ System Level 4
iBasement™ System Level 5
iBasement™ System Level 6

The Exclusive Line of iBasement™ Systems Products – Specially Developed to Keep Your Basement Dry & Healthy Year Round