iBasement™ System Certificate

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iBasement™ Systems Levels offer a comprehensive, multi-tiered solution for basement waterproofing and maintenance. The system is designed to tackle various challenges homeowners face, ranging from groundwater control and power failure backup protection to full perimeter drainage systems and moisture control. Each level adds another layer of protection, ensuring the health and safety of your basement environment. With options for full wall protection, advanced pump controllers, and regular maintenance and upkeep, iBasement™ System Levels provides a robust and reliable solution for any basement, regardless of its size or the severity of its water-related issues.

The 6 Levels of iBasement System Protection

Steps towards a Healthy Basement and a Nationally Backed Warranty

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iBasement™ System Level 5
iBasement™ System Level 5

Frequently Asked Questions About the 6 iBasement™ Protection Levels

What is the purpose of the first level in the iBasement™ System?

The first level of the iBasement™ System provides Ground Water Control. It includes a closed sump system with a FastSump pump and a GrateSump liner to help keep your basement dry by effectively managing groundwater.

What additional protection does the second level of the iBasement™ System offer?

The second level offers Pump & Power Failure Backup Protection. This includes an additional FastSump™ pump and an inverter with a 100 AMP 12 VT battery, providing a backup system to ensure continuous operation even during power outages.

What is the Full Perimeter GrateDrain™ System in the third level of the iBasement™ System?

The third level involves installing a comprehensive GrateDrain system around the full perimeter of your basement. This system efficiently drains water away from your foundation, helping to prevent water damage and flooding.

How does the fourth level of the iBasement™ System contribute to wall protection?

The fourth level provides Full Wall Protection. This includes the application of HD FinishShield™ or ThermalShield™ wall vapor barriers up to ground level, offering an extra layer of protection against moisture and dampness.

What is the focus of the fifth level in the iBasement™ System?

The fifth level focuses on Moisture Control. It includes installation of a WiseAire 100 dehumidifier and an optional AirGator™ Garage Ventilation system to help control humidity levels and improve air quality in your basement.

What does the sixth level of the iBasement™ System entail?

The sixth level is all about Maintenance & Upkeep. It includes routine services such as cleaning GrateSump™ pumps, inspecting GrateDrain™ and discharge lines, changing dehumidifier filters, checking alarms, and testing systems to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your iBasement™ System.

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