iBasement™ Dehumidifiers

Mold & Dust Mites Love Humid Basements!

moldy basement wall

 Basements, being below ground level, are naturally prone to higher levels of humidity and dampness. This creates an ideal environment for dust mites and for mold growth, which can lead to unpleasant odors, structural damage, and potential health risks. Mold thrives in environments with humidity levels above 60%. 

The most effective way to control humidity levels is by using a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier extracts excess moisture from the air, thereby reducing the humidity level and making it less conducive for mold growth.

Get Rid of Mold & Humidity with WiseAire 100 Dehumidifier

The WiseAire 100 is a robust dehumidification solution, specifically engineered for basement environments. It’s an intelligent system that automatically monitors and regulates the relative humidity levels, removing up to 100 pints of water per day.

Unlike traditional models, there’s no need to manually empty a tray – the WiseAire 100 self-drains into your sump pit. This energy-efficient system not only helps maintain a healthy, mold-free environment in basements up to 3200 sq. ft., but it also saves you money, reducing your electric bills compared to using a portable dehumidifier.

With low maintenance requirements and an impressive 5-year warranty, the WiseAire 100 offers an ideal balance of performance and convenience.

WiseAire dehumidifiers

WiseAire Dehumidifier is Part of the Level 5 iBasement System Certificate

iBasement™ System Level 5

Level 5 of the iBasement Systems is all about Moisture Control.

This comprehensive level includes the installation of a WiseAire 95 or Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier, which effectively control and reduce the humidity levels in your basement.

It also includes an AirGator Garage Ventilation system, which helps to maintain a healthy air quality in your garage.

A filter pack and pre-filter kit are also provided to ensure that the air in your basement remains clean and fresh.

To ensure safety, a Carbon Monoxide Detector is installed in the basement. This detector will alert you if there are dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in your home, helping to protect your family’s health.